Julien Sörel

Julien Sörel est un spécialiste de la communication stratégique et du design créatif aux multiples casquettes : Graphiste diplômé en publicité et riche d’un parcours international avec l’expérience de clients renommés, Julien allie avec passion marketing, conception publicitaire, copywriting et création graphique. Il met un point d’honneur à imaginer des stratégies et concepts de communication tant intelligents qu’esthétiques et originaux.


█  Julien Sörel is an Art Director & Graphic Designer living and working in Belgium.
Inspired by his many travels, Julien’s work includes identity design, packaging, editorial, and creative direction for image/branding, advertising, fashion and interior design. He received his degree in Advertising & Computer Graphics with distinction and first class honours from the jury of the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc of Liège in 2004.

Since then, he has worked with a number of studios in Munich, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Brussels, Montepellier and Liege. He served as Art Director for fashion and luxury brands such as Oscar Ono and contributes frequently to the image and branding of musical artists.
Julien Sörel has also been involved in Belgian television and media; his involvement in the design world has been in parallel to a career in the arts with exhibitions of paintings, drawings and photography.